Friday, July 24, 2015

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The Council is comprised of leading luxury homebuilders from none competing markets across the country. NCBC members combine a passion for the custom homebuilding business with many years of operational leadership experience. Our members have banded together since 1998, offering an exceptional educational opportunity to improve our best business practices, fiscal performance and share information on cutting edge technology and construction methods.
The Council Members have demonstrated the highest level of integrity, craftsmanship and service to our clients and our industry. Our members build extraordinary homes in most all the leading markets across America. While our homes represent a wide variety of architectural styles and geographic diversity, they have in common an uncommon level of craftsmanship and quality.
Our use of technology, process development and relationship building is setting a new standard of excellence for the industry, and improving the ways our members run their businesses. Our forums improve the collective skills, wisdom and network connections of the best in the custom building industry, and through our semi-annual council conferences and ongoing dialogue with industry leaders, our members are enabled to reach their highest level of performance, and bring additional value to our clients.
The National Custom Builders Council offers its non-competing members educational opportunities to share experiences, seek advice and counsel, and add to or expand business processes that enhance management skills, improve operations, and bring greater profitability to each member.

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